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The 4 Essential Language Skills and How to Improve Them





English Dictionary

English Dictionary is Offline and Free

You can search for new vocabulary everywhere without any Internet connection.Search words with the leading online English dictionary and thesaurus! Learn vocabulary and find any definition, English Dictionary word search covers 2,000,000+ English words and synonyms. Study grammar and learn how to pronounce English words. Advance your learning and education anytime, anywhere.

Other Major Features

Grammar: Learn grammar easily!

WordDaily: Memorise basic vocabulary effectively!

Phrasebook : Speak essential phrases anytime!

Bookmarks : Favourite word & search history!

Widget : Search any word instantly!

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English Conversation Practice

English Conversation Practice with CUDU.

We have many conversations that would help you to improve your speaking skills and make you feel like talking with native speakers.

You can learn how to speak English like a native speaker through dialogue lessons

The application helps you immediately improve your communication skill in English (in daily communication, travel, shopping, work, weather ...), support for learning, research, job, travel, study abroad, labor export ...

Main features of the application:

Nearly 200 topics covering all aspects of life

Daily communication

Welcome to English

Ask for time, weather, location, money, phone, mail

Famous idiom, or use.

Hundreds of common sentences

The full explanation, the difficulty in communication in English

Real sound, clear vivid

Learn English conversation form

Learn basic grammar

Common English phrases: They are classified in detail and easy to use.

Practice the most authentic live conversation.

I hope that we can help you improve your communication skill in English.

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English Listening Skills Practice

Training listening skill through many simple conversations with 7 categories: Life In Pictures, Going To The Forest, Ice Cream Around The World, The Sapling Project, Moral Babies, Mary's Long Walk.

Each lesson comes with audio and transcript, which help you to improve your English Grammar, English Speaking and expand your English Vocabulary.







English Education



English Country



Let's improve all of your English skills!

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